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Hordes of Dragonspear (Forgotten Realism Advanced Dungeons & by William W. Connors

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By William W. Connors

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They may always gate gate in two lesser baatezu, or one greater baatezu with a 100% chance of success, performing this action once per round. Once per day, a pit fiend can use a symbol of pain— the victim must save vs. rod, staff or wand or suffer a -4 penalty on attack dice and a -2 penalty to dexterity for 2-20 rounds. They regenerate 2 hit points per round. Pit fiends also radiate a fear aura in a 20 foot radius (save versus rod, staff, or wand at a -3 penalty or flee in panic for 1-10 rounds).

A saving throw vs. poison is required or the victim will die in 1-4 rounds. The bite also is 100% likely to infect the victim with a disease whether he saves against the poison or not. Pit fiends can also attack with their tail every round, inflicting 2-8 points of damage per hit. The tail can then hold and constrict the victim for a like amount of damage per round until the victim makes a successful strength check to break free. Pit fiends can also carry jagged-toothed clubs which inflict 7-12 points of damage per hit (this replaces one claw attack).

It can deal out two claw attacks for 1-2 points of damage each and an attack with its wire-like beard for 1-8 points of damage. If both claws manage to hit, the beard damage is an automatic hit for maximum damage. Also, when the beard hits, there is a 25% chance the victim will contract a disease from the foul attack. At will, one at a time, one per round, a barbazu can use the following spell-like powers in addition to those available to all baatezu: • • • • affect normal fires command fear, by touch produce flame FRQ2 ™ & ©1992 TSR, Inc.

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