Addy Starr (Love Spell) by Ruth Ryan Langan

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By Ruth Ryan Langan

Desperately collecting as a lot wealth as attainable on the way to start the quest for her misplaced sisters, Addy reveals herself stuck up in her passions for an embittered invalid, a drunken loner, and a mysterious and obsessive stranger.

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The old Addy had died. Like Humpty Dumpty, she'd been shattered beyond repair. But she had constructed a new Addy. Today was her twenty-first birthday. On this day she would be reborn. Or reinvented. Her smile grew. "Reno," the driver shouted as he brought the bus to a hiccupping stop. Minutes later, belching exhaust fumes and dust, the bus pulled away from the curb. When the dust settled, Addy picked up the battered suitcase she'd bought at a garage sale and stared around at the dizzying maze of buildings.

While she ate she opened the windows wide to rid the room of the musty smell of mildew and stale cigar smoke. She filled a trash bag with the remains of soggy crackers and moldy bread and some things, black and fuzzy, that could no longer be identified. Then she tackled the floors and countertops, scrubbing and disinfecting until they gleamed. " Sam leaned a hip against the doorway and watched as the sunlight played over her hair. " He arched a brow. "You're telling me you just like to work for the fun of it?

Behind her, he merely watched until she was out of sight. Then he turned the wheelchair and stared out the window. " He let loose with a string of oaths guaranteed to curl the hair of a hardened drill sergeant. Even that didn't make him feel better. " When Sam Money, who was standing across the room, cleared his throat loudly, Jake slammed a hand against the wheel, sending his chair whirling. And found himself face to face with a wide-eyed Addy. " The string of curses lodged in Jake's throat. He swallowed them back.

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