Action Plan for the Conservation of Wolves in Europe by Luigi Boitani, Council of Europe

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By Luigi Boitani, Council of Europe

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Through this process, wolf recovery and management will be linked to the overall planning for the restoration of European ecosystems. 3 Each area (or group of areas at regional, national or sub-national level) is provided with a detailed Management Plan (National or Regional) drafted by national authorities in co-ordination with neighbouring countries. 4 The national and local public is involved in the process of area identification and drafting of the preliminary Management Plans. 5 The final European Wolf Management Plan, composed by all national and/or regional Plans is submitted to the Bern Convention for approval, and national legislation is adjusted accordingly.

It will be especially important to not only try to change opinions in urban areas, but also to make efforts to educate the people in rural areas about the role of wolves (or big predators in general) in ecosystems. ) should by no means be left out; to the contrary, they need special consideration and support with the help of anthropologist and sociologist. A good educational campaign should be prepared and conducted by going through the following steps: a. Start: At the beginning we must find a lead agency, group or person, who raises the funding for all the other necessary steps following.

Target groups could be: children, city people, local people, shepherds, hunters, elected officials, etc. c. Evaluation: The existing educational efforts have to be evaluated: What effects did they have? What was good, what has to be improved? How far were attitudes of the target group changed? What brought the change? etc. If possible, these evaluations should be carried out research based. d. Design new efforts: Knowing who needs what kind of information, we now can define the goals of future educational campaigns and design new messages targeted by group.

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