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The Lost Saint: A Dark Divine Novel by Bree Despain

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By Bree Despain

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You’re getting annoyed,” Daniel said. That wry grin of his played on his lips. ” I sent another combination into his mitts. Three jabs and a hook. I felt a surge of power through my body—finally—and the last punch flew faster and harder than I expected. Daniel missed deflecting it, and my fist slammed into his shoulder. ” He jumped back and shook out his shoulders. “Rein it in, Grace. ” His smile edged from wry to devious. ” He smacked his mitts together and gestured for me to attack him again.

He pulled away. ” I noticed the buzzing, too. My cell phone in my sweatshirt pocket. ” I grabbed the front of his shirt playfully and pulled him closer. ” “It could be your mom,” Daniel said. “I just got you back. ” Daniel smirked. He always thought it was hilarious when I swore. But he did have a point—about my mom, that is. She had only two modes since Jude left: Zombie Queen and Crazed Mother Bear. It was like her own personal brand of bipolar disorder. I’d left for the evening before she got back from seeing Aunt Carol off at the train station, so I wasn’t sure what mode she would be in, but if it was of the overbearing sort, I could possibly be grounded again just for the act of not answering her calls on the second ring.

As I crawled into bed, my phone beeped with a message back from him: Always. And then, thirty seconds later, another, which said: Be patient. We’ll figure it out. Maybe when your dad gets back, he’ll know what to do. Then another text: I believe in you. Then, almost a full two minutes later, like the idea had suddenly crossed his mind for the first time: Please don’t go looking for Jude on your own, ok? Ok, I texted back. It wasn’t like I’d even know where to start looking. CHAPTER THREE Shattered MORNING I wasn’t surprised when Daniel was gone the next morning.

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