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Path-Oriented Program Analysis by J. C. Huang

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By J. C. Huang

This publication provides a distinct approach for decomposing a working laptop or computer software alongside its execution paths, for simplifying the subprograms so produced, and for recomposing a application from its subprograms. this technique allows us to divide and overcome the complexity serious about realizing the computation played by means of a application via decomposing it right into a set of subprograms after which simplifying them to the furthest quantity attainable. The ensuing simplified subprograms are normally extra comprehensible than the unique software as an entire. the strategy can also be used to simplify a bit of resource code by way of following the path-oriented approach to decomposition, simplication, and recomposition. The research should be conducted in one of these method that the derivation of the research end result constitutes a correctness evidence. the strategy will be utilized to any resource code (or component thereof) that prescribes the computation to be played when it comes to project statements, conditional statements, and loop constructs, whatever the language or paradigm used.

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To this end, a new programming construct called a program set is now introduced. The meaning of a program set, or a set of programs, is identical to the conventional notion of a set of other objects. As usual, a set of n programs is denoted by {P1 , P2 , . . , Pn }. When used as a programming construct, it describes the computation prescribed by its elements. 1. 1 wp({P1 , P2 , . . , Pn }, R) ≡ wp(P1 , R) ∨ wp(P2 , R) ∨ . . ∨ wp(Pn , R). The choice of this particular semantics is explained in detail at the end of this chapter.

Cn ;Pn } is not equivalent to if C1 → P1 C2 → P2 . . Cn → Pn fi in general. 12) is to make the meaning of a program set as intuitive as possible. In this book it is appropriate to view a program set as a collection of tools, each of which can be used to do something. As such, if one added a program to the set, one naturally expects the capability of the resulting set to increase, or at least to remain the same. , the program can do more computations for the same set of input data). 1 conforms to this view of a program set: the larger the set, the more versatile it becomes.

The reader will find some of the rules presented in this work trivial and thus unnecessary if the present analysis method is used manually by a programmer. Manual application of the method, however, may prove to be unacceptably error prone or time consuming in certain environments. In that case, a possible solution is to build a software tool to automate the method to the extent possible. These seemingly trivial rules will be useful for that purpose. Listed below are equivalence relations of the first category, the validity of which is immediately obvious.

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