Knowledgenet Building Cisco Remote Access Networks BCRAN

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The choice of protocol depends on the WAN technology and the communicating equipment. Typical WAN protocols include: PPP: PPP originally emerged as an encapsulation protocol for transporting IP traffic over point-to-point links. PPP also established a standard for the assignment and management of IP addresses, asynchronous (start/stop) and bit-oriented synchronous encapsulation, network protocol multiplexing, link configuration, link quality testing, and error detection. In addition, PPP established option negotiation for such capabilities as network-layer address negotiation and data-compression negotiation.

ISDN Connections ©2005 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. 2 —1-6 ISDN connections are typically switched connections that, like asynchronous connections, provide WAN access when needed rather than through a dedicated link. ISDN offers increased bandwidth over a typical dialup connection, faster setup, and is intended to carry data, voice, and other traffic across a telephone network. To connect to an ISDN network your router will need a BRI or PRI router interface. You may also need an ISDN terminal adapter, which is a device that is used to connect ISDN BRI connections to other interfaces, such as EIA/TIA-232.

Cost is a major consideration when different WAN services and different service providers are being evaluated. If, for example, you use the line for only 1 hour a day, you may want to select a DDR connection such as an asynchronous or ISDN connection. Ease of management: Network designers are often concerned about the degree of difficulty associated with managing connections. Connection management refers to both the initial configuration at startup and the ongoing configuration tasks of normal operation.

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