Carrera's Bride by Diana Palmer

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By Diana Palmer

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It's my own fault. " He kissed her lightly and reached for the Capri pants, holding them for her to step into. He fastened them around her small waist and then stuffed her into the blouse. He reached up and loosened the hair she'd tucked into a bun. "There," he murmured, studying her. "Much better. " "We'll run out of clothes eventually," she said. He shrugged. " She laughed. "I don't have to learn. " "I'll teach you," she promised. His smile was wicked. "There are several more things I plan to teach you, too," he added, and he didn't mean sewing.

You're just incredible," she whispered when he lifted his head. Her eyes were misty with pleasure, her mouth swollen. He enjoyed the way she looked. "So are you," he replied. "We need to make a quilt together," he mused. She laughed. " He glanced toward the elderly woman, still sleeping peacefully. "I like her, too," he said. "She's an odd bird. " "Not so odd," she replied, touching his face with the tips of her fingers, exploring its broad strength, its nooks and crannies. " "It's a little banged up," he pointed out.

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