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Buying Time by Joe Haldeman

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By Joe Haldeman

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DALLAS I was looking forward to Dubrovnik, not having been there this century. The weather was good all over southern Europe, so instead of flying, I rented a high-speed floater and put it on automatic pilot. Spent the morning skimming just under the speed of sound, from Dover, around Gibraltar, through the Mediterranean, up the Adriatic. Enjoying being alone. I listened to most of Mozart's piano concertos and thought a lot about Maria, coming to no conclusion. Her agent had booked us into a faded-modern extravaganza of wood and glass that clung to the side of a cliff just south of the old walled city.

Estimates range from 85,000 to 150,000. Source: Rand McNally & Co. MARIA I think Dallas wanted to go to the Conch Republic because that was the last place he had worked as an actual criminal. Supposedly he would know how to act and so forth … though the fact that a hundred years had passed since his experience might dilute its value—like Jesse Jim time-traveling to join the Al Capone gang, or something. We both were still numb with the shock of Eric's sudden death; the sudden transformation of this thing from hypothetical fancy to brutal fact, when we boarded the economy flight out of Palermo.

That's true. I know it's like saying that because we can build a tree house, give us the money and we can build a skyscraper. We get that line from 'phems pretty often. " "Immortals are more optimistic," Maria said. " She obviously hadn't heard the news. " She walked over to the nearest wall, the rest of them following in a chorus of Stiktite rips. The coffee machine was a larger version of the one that graced Maria's Bugatti, an eight-armed centrifuge of teak and gleaming brass. Abraham asked about cream and sugar and punched a sequence of buttons.

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