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Border Crossings: A Psychological Perspective on Carlos by Donald Lee Williams

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By Donald Lee Williams

Publication by means of Williams, Donald Lee

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Don Juan refuses because Carlos does not know his own heart. 10 Where All Ladders Start11 Carlos, like most of us, approaches the path of knowledge with questionable goals, unexamined assumptions and little self-understanding. Carlos's psychology is worth examining because it dramatically colors the atmosphere and progress of his apprenticeship, and because we may find much of ourselves mirrored there: lack of self-esteem, preoccupation with power, fear of intimacy, preference for information over knowledge, inability to trust his own experience, extreme dependence on reason, and finally, ignorance of his own best qualities.

After a period of silence, don Juan lifts his hat from his eyes, frowns at Carlos and says, "You have a knack for hunting. And that's what you should learn, hunting. " Having arrived at this conclusion, don Juan immediately changes his tactic with Carlos. The same day he begins giving Carlos a detailed explanation of the behavior and routines of rattlesnakes. Next, don Juan manages to catch and kill a large rattlesnake which he then roasts for a meal. Don Juan urges Carlos to eat a portion of the snake and then gives him some pointers on what it means to be a hunter.

He may try to escape by flight, anxiously running from one activity to another, running to any place where for a moment a way seems clear, hoping always that this time things will be different. If, on the other hand, he is armed, he makes a stand; he uses whatever defense mechanisms are available (familiar from Freudian psychology) to drive off or kill (repress) the unconscious fantasies or impulses. In this case the personality is even further restricted, symbolized by freezing on the spot. Despite the temptation to run from or to fall into the hands of the unconscious (as emotion, compelling fantasy, disturbing idea, impulsiveness, and so on), the hunter would make the unconscious his Page 22 object of attention.

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