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Bloodstone (Sipstrassi Tales 3) by David Gemmell

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By David Gemmell

After twenty years, Jon Shannow, the mythical Jerusalem guy, returns for a dangerous showdown with the fiendish Deacon, the vicious Jerusalem Riders, and a sizeable god that feeds on souls.

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Another Jerusalem Man, perhaps. ' 'Come the moment, come the man,' said the Deacon, with a dry chuckle. Frey Masters rose. 'I'll go back to my Dreamers. ' 'Get them to memorise landscapes, seasons. When it conies, I need to be there to fight it. ' Standing, he held out his hand and she shook it briefly. ' 'My powers have faded over the years. But, yes, I have seen the Beast. ' He shrugged. 'I have fought many battles in my life. ' 'But you're old now. We are old. Strength fails, Deacon. All things pass away .

Jeremiah? . ancient and white-bearded, with but a single, long tooth in his upper mouth. Shannow took a deep, slow breath, and the pounding pain in his temples eased slightly. With a groan he sat up. His left forearm and his shoulder were bandaged, and he could feel the tightness of the burnt skin beneath. A fire? He searched his memory, but could find nothing. It doesn't matter, he told himself; the memory will come back. What is important is that I know who I am. Jon Shannow. The Jerusalem Man.

But you're old now. We are old. Strength fails, Deacon. All things pass away . . ' He sighed. 'You have done a wonderful job here,' he said. 'All these fragments of a lost civilisation. ' 'Don't change the subject,' she admonished him. ' 'Because I ask it, Deacon,' she said, simply. 'I see. ' She shook her head, and he smiled. ' 'You're a strange man, Deacon. And you are still avoiding the point. Once you could have stood against the Beast. ' He grinned and winked at her. 'I may just surprise you yet,' he said.

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