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Biochemical engineering by James M. Lee

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By James M. Lee

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Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena

The prime textual content at the homes and functions of surfactants--now absolutely revised and up-to-date The prior decade has noticeable major advancements in surfactant chemistry: the emergence of gemini surfactants, superwetting brokers, and eco-friendly surfactants. assurance in their constitution and functions makes this new 3rd variation of Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena, already the simplest to be had textual content at the topic, specifically well timed.

Preparative Chromatography. of Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Agents

This interdisciplinary strategy combines the chemistry and engineering concerned to explain the perception and development of chromatographic procedures. The publication covers fresh advancements in preparative chromatographic procedures for the separation of "smaller" molecules utilizing common laboratory apparatus in addition to the special notion of business chemical vegetation.

The Engineering Of Chemical Reactions

Completely revised and up to date during this moment version, The Engineering of Chemical Reactions focuses explicitly on constructing the abilities essential to layout a chemical reactor for any software, together with chemical creation, fabrics processing, and environmental modeling. This version additionally positive factors new chapters on organic and environmental response engineering that offer a thrilling creation to those more and more very important parts of cutting-edge chemical engineering industry.

Crystals in Glass: A Hidden Beauty

A "must-have" for fabrics engineers, chemists, physicists, and geologists, this is often one of many first "coffee-table" books within the box of glass technological know-how. Containing over fifty attractive micrographs, the publication displays 35 years of unique learn by way of a extremely popular authority within the box. It comprises 50 slides culled from tens of millions of pictures on glass crystal nucleation, development, and crystallization.

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2. 57) k = A0 e− E / RT Consequently, when ln k is plotted versus 1/T, a straight line with slope -E/R is obtained. The temperature dependence of many enzyme-catalyzed reactions can be described by the Arrhenius equation. An increase in the temperature increases the rate of reaction, since the atoms in the enzyme molecule have greater energies and a greater tendency to move. However, the temperature is limited to the usual biological range. As the temperature rises, denaturation processes progressively destroy the activity of enzyme molecules.

5) Eq. 15) − S = k1CS CE − k2CES dt Assume that the change of CES with time, dCES/dt, is negligible compared to that of CP or CS. 16) = k1CS CE − k2CES − k3CES ≅ 0 dt Substitution of Eq. 16) into Eq. 9) Substituting Eq. 9) into Eq. 17) CES = k 2 + k3 + CS k1 Substitution of Eq. 17) into Eq. 18) r= P =− S = k2 + k3 + dt dt K C M S + CS k1 which is the same as the Michaelis-Menten equation, Eq. 11), except that the meaning of KM is different. In the Michaelis-Menten approach, KM is Enzyme Kinetics 2-11 equal to the dissociation constant k2/k1, while in the Briggs-Haldane approach, it is equal to (k2 + k3)/k1.

Is the two-reactor system more efficient than one reactor whose volume is equal to the sum of the two reactors? 11 Suppose that the following sequence describes an enzyme-substrate reaction with product inhibition: k1 """ # ES E + S $"" k2 " k3 """ # EP E + P $"" k4 " k5 """ # ESP ES + P $"" k6 " k7 """ # EPS EP + S $"" k8 " k 9 →E + P ES  2-40 Enzyme Kinetics a. Derive the rate equation by making the Michaelis-Menten assumption. b. How can the rate equation derived in part (a) be simplified if ESP and EPS are the same?

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