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Beyond the Conscious Mind: Unlocking the Secrets of the Self by Thomas Blakeslee

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By Thomas Blakeslee

A brand new knowing of attention that enables you to larger comprehend your personal and others habit. Your brain is a self-organized workforce of specialised self reliant modules that every take regulate of your habit based upon context. this kind of modules, the "self-module," is the verbal interpreter of all your habit. besides the fact that this self-module in basic terms controls habit if you are utilizing self-discipline. Introspection is therefore often not anything greater than self-serving explanation. utilizing experimental proof Blakeslee truly demonstrates the various psychological illusions created through this mistaken knowing of self and enables you to strengthen a brand new, extra exact, self-concept.

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The connection point of these mapped structures gives an advantage to specific parts of the brain for certain tasks. The eye, for example, has about 20 specifically mapped connections of preprocessed data to the brain. These maps are specialized for such things as motion, color, and shape. Other mapped connections exist for hearing specific frequencies and for moving or feeling specific parts of the body. Clearly this arrangement causes certain general areas of the brain to be favored to spontaneously organize for certain tasks.

Our new understanding of the mind as a collection of specialized modules of thought neatly explains why introspection is sometimes so unreliable: One module naturally becomes the introspection specialist, so introspection is accurate only within that module. All other introspection is imaginative fabrication and therefore unreliable. We will define the self module as the one that does introspection. This important module also specializes in many other related tasks that involve calm, logical, verbal analysis and planning.

Clearly, other modules are actively working on problems and doing creative thinking totally outside of the awareness of our self module. The very source of genius may often be a module we have no awareness of except when it occasionally provides us with its gift. 26 CHAPTER ONE THE MIND AS A COMPUTER Digital computers, built with circuits a million times faster than the neurons in the brain, are still pathetically dumb in many ways. The reason for this is a basic difference in their organization: The mind has a parallel organization with hundreds of specialized processing modules simultaneously active.

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