Bad Cops by A. J. Llewellyn

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By A. J. Llewellyn

During this sequel to LAID, scorching shot cop Jack Cannon is again in motion. along with his lover Lucio out of city on project, Jack has an excessive amount of time on his arms and an excessive amount of aggression to attend patiently at domestic for him. With a multi-department takedown of a drug and playing ring uncovered in an outdated los angeles warehouse, Jack slips contained in the ruined, crumbling construction for a few solo fun…except few different cops…and a foul man or have a similar idea…some men are only born to be undesirable… look forward to publication three

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I fell asleep. My man wasn’t in bed with me, even the cat didn’t want to sleep with me. I wondered what iodized salt tasted like, gave up the thought and fell into restless slumber. Back at the station at noon the next day, I walked in nursing a bad mood and a toasted egg and cheese sandwich in a brown paper bag. The desk sergeant was banging a peanut butter cup on the admissions desk. I smothered a smile. I walked past the Loo’s office. He was banging a box of Hot Tamales against his desk. He beckoned me in.

He had a massive, uncut knob and Tallman, a master cocksman, seemed to have difficulty handling it at first. I forgot about the fact that this was my ex and I watched the fear on his prisoner’s face ebb into disbelief, then raw lust. Tallman spoke a lot of shit when his mouth wasn’t filled with cock. I watched him turn the cuffed suspect around and run his nightstick along the guy’s ass crack. He licked the tip a little and teased the guy’s hole with it. Kneeling behind the still-cuffed guy, he moved in for the kill and began sucking his ass.

We high-fived each other. “Let’s go kick some smuggler ass,” Jones said. 54 Bad Cop Chapter Five t seven o’clock that night, the combined forces of the LAPD, the FBI and Social services lay all their interpersonal grudges aside and smashed down doors all over town to rescue four hundred and two children stashed in vile drop houses. SRT also had the duty of apprehending three smugglers, Jose Gomez Juarez age twenty-seven, Juan Carmen Tamayo-Rios, age forty-two and Roel Perez-Morodo, age thirty. The bust went down better than I could have dreamed on such short notice.

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