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Assyrian Rulers of the Early First Millennium BC II (858-745 by A. Kirk Grayson

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By A. Kirk Grayson

During this, the 7th quantity to be released by way of the Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia undertaking, A. Kirk Grayson offers the texts of the royal inscriptions from the sooner section of the Neo-Assyrian interval, a time during which the Assyrian kings campaigned so far as the Mediterranean and got here into direct touch with biblical lands. during this interval the Assyrian empire embraced lots of the civilized components of western Asia together with western Iran, Mesopotamia, southern Turkey, and the seashores of the Levant. It was once an exhilarating and tumultous interval related to palace revolutions and harem intrigues, and it used to be a time within which the mythical Semiramis performed a renowned role.The inscriptions converse of the kings' construction of palaces and temples in quite a few elements of Assyria, of the gods who have been invoked to bless their companies, of revolutions and a mess of army conquests. every one textual content is observed via a short advent, a list of exemplars, observation, bibliography, transliteration, translation, and notes. The ebook includes an creation to the amount as an entire and indexes. 'Scores,' released on microfiche, can be found in a pocket behind the publication.

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49-50 (ii 90-102, translation) 1979 George, Iraq 41 p. 123 (ex. 3, study) 1982-85 Borger, TUAT 1 pp. 2 TEXT Col. II-^w ú-šak-ni-sú nab-ni-îu KÙ-tu šá mTUKUL-MAŠ 12) sa kul-lat za-i-ri-šu i-né-ru-ma is-pu-nu a-bu-bani-is e-nu-ma as-šur EN GAL-íí ina ku-un lìb- i 1 l-12a) son of Ashurnasirpal (II), appointee of the god Enlil, vice-regent of Aššur, whose priesthood was pleasing to the gods and (who) subdued all lands at his feet, pure offspring of TukultT-Ninurta (II), who slew all his enemies and annihilated (them) like a flood: i 12b-14a) When Aššur, the great lord, chose me in his steadfast heart (and) with his holy eyes and i 2 ba-nu ú\ this is reasonably clear.

1, translation) 1931 Thompson, AAA 18 pp. 95, 98, pis. XVII no. 14, and XVIII no. 19 (ex. 3, provenance, copy) 1936 Gadd, Stones p. 148 (ex. 1, provenance) 1957 Balkan, Letter pp. 34-38 (ii 5-11, edition) 1958 Wiseman in Winton Thomas, Documents from Old Testament Times pp. 47-49 (ii 87-98, translation) 1961 Lambert, AnSt 11 pp. 143-58 (ii 40-66, edition) 1961 Tadmor, IEJ 11 pp. 143-50 (study) 1966 Barnett, Illustrations p. 49 (ex. 1, photo) 1967 Borger, HKL 1 p. 485 (ex. 1, study) 1969 Oppenheim ,ANET3 pp.

Ii 31 : cf. ii 15. )j: cf. Postgate, Royal Grants 110. 27 line 5. ii 36 a-na URU aš-šur-ú-ter-as-bat : error for URU a na-as-sur-.... Note ii 85, where the scribe correctly engraved URU àna-aš-sur-... erroneously omitted ina (=àna ) before URU. Cf. Michel, WO 1 p. 15 n. 15, and Weippert, GGA 224 p. 153. )]-su-mu: cf. KUR ha-sa-mu in i 29. ii 14, and ii 31. MEŠ-šú-nu ap-pid aq-qur ina IZLMEŠ ás-ru-up šal-la-su-nu bu-šá-šú-nu their incalculable booty, possessions, (and) property. I made a colossal royal statue of myself (and) wrote thereon the praises of Assur, the great lord, my lord, and my victorious conquests.

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