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Arthur's Halloween by Marc Brown

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By Marc Brown

Halloween has Arthur spooked! while his little sister wanders off into the scariest residence in the street, Arthur has to discover the braveness to head in and keep her. Will Arthur and D.W. make it out alive?

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Tall, a loping stride, bigger nose than normal, but not too big. Not big enough to snarf down a fish. I figured he lived in the houseboat down the way. I turned around. Grinned at Janie. ‘Don’t even think about it—’ she breathed. ’ I raised my eyebrows, laughed, and made a dart for the door. ’ I opened the door and the rain came on in. ’ But I had already stepped over the threshold to the wood walkway. She was right behind me and grabbed me around the waist, both arms. ’ she hissed. ‘Let go of me, Janie,’ I whispered.

On the way home I got stuck in a traffic jam. Since I was on my motorcycle, I was happy it had stopped raining. When we were near the accident, we came to a complete halt to let the oncoming traffic go by. There were a couple of police cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance. An old blue truck had smashed into a light post and the beat-up camper trailer the driver was hauling was on its side. The light post now resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa. ’ I asked a police officer who wandered over to chat about what a great motorcycle I had.

And you’re scared. I can feel your fear,’ she accused. ’ ‘I don’t do scared anymore,’ I said, still shivering. ’ ‘We’re going to talk about what happened to you, too, Isabelle. Don’t think you can keep that a secret,’ she insisted, as if we were having a normal conversation. ’ I loved Cecilia. She did not deserve, no one deserved, what had come down the pike for her last year with that psycho-freak pig/husband of hers. My year had not been beautiful, either, but hers was worse. ’ Cecilia/Cruella shouted, waiting for me to pick up.

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