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Ars Orientalis 32 (2002) by Smithsonian Institution

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By Smithsonian Institution

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Acemhoyuk. SAMOS * P% Bayindir jnODES CT-Van Arslantepe Kinet Ho1yuk* EHoyak Xanth Meydancikkale. CRETE MEDITERRANEAN SEA RU * * LAKE RI APA \TGRIS RIVER URMA C archemis Khorsabad* Hasanlu , ODEADSEA ZiiEcbtn Surkh . Dum er ( 9\ X Nush-iJan Giyan sk ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~RIVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Borsip ~~~~~~~~~Memnphisl E S Marlik DuraE urqopos Attur-imU DaanditswidertranscuturalarenaREUPHRAEd MapshowingKerkenes a *Bsa Nineveh ( \ BSuasJa Kish rut NippurU Pasargadae >Ma~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mlyane Persepolis FIG.

Summers and M. E. F Summers. Preserveddimensions:ca. 5 cm L x 5. 5 cm Th. i8 AN EXCAVATED IVORY FROM KERKENES DAG, TURKEY KERKENES K IN CONTEXT ERKENES DAG IS THE SITE ofan IronAge urbaninstallationon a hill thatlooms above an ancient east-westroute within the bend of the HalysRiver(fig. ' The outlinesof the vast and massivelyfortified seven-gatedcityremainclearlyvisibleon the surface, but untilrecentlythe mound has only been explored archaeologicallyonce (tentativelyand very briefly). In the 1920s, ErichSchmidt(bestknownforhis work at Persepolisin the 1930s) divertedhimselffromhis excavationsatnearbyAlisharto open a few smalltest trenches at Kerkenes.

A specificIraniantype of ceramicbowl entersthe assemblageand has been shown to indicatethe impactof the presenceof Persiansand Persiandiningcustomson the population of this ancient city (Dusinberre 1999 and 2003). Similarly,a shiftin firingtechniquesatAchaemenidperiodGordionaddsa red-firedwareto a previously homogeneous gray-firedassemblage (Henrickson 1994; Voigt and Young 1999). Preliminarydocumentarypublicationof the Medianpotteryat Nushijan (R. Stronach1978) and Godin (Young 1969; Young and Levine 1974) will soon be enhancedby syntheticanalyticalstudies of heartlandMedianceramics,such as thatpresagedby H.

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