An Insatiable Passion by Lynne Graham

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By Lynne Graham

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Her voice trembled. His grip tightened urging her to slide toward him, spreading her thighs to accommodate the width of his shoulders as she bared herself to his touch. He nuzzled the thin material of her panties aside and, with the first swipe of his tongue, sent fire through her blood. As he settled in to suckle her tight bead of sensitive flesh, she bit her lip to prevent herself from crying out at the delicious sensations he was creating. Heat raged through her body as the tension built beneath his mouth.

A soft chime caught her attention and her comrades in sex began filing through a doorway and out of sight. As she reached the bottom of the steps, Nigel appeared at her side. ” He gestured toward open doors. “Mr. ” She gave him a smile of thanks and hurried into the room, one of the last to arrive. Overhead, chandeliers were dimmed, casting a muted, golden glow over the guests. Joined with the soft light from a variety of floor candelabras and the scent of exotic incense, the effect was an aura of indulgence.

He nodded, sending a shiver of anticipation through her as she saluted him with her glass and a big smile. She’d rarely sustained a long-term relationship because, as crazy as it sounded, she’d always had the strange feeling that she’d been cheating on her dream lover. Face it, no real man had ever measured up to her nocturnal visitor. What time she’d wasted being faithful to a figment of her overactive imagination. The man on the balcony probably wouldn’t measure up either, but she might have fun finding out.

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