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Altered states of consciousness: a book of readings by Arnold M. Ludwig, Arthur J. Deikman, Milton H. Erickson,

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By Arnold M. Ludwig, Arthur J. Deikman, Milton H. Erickson, Gerald Vogel, M. Bertini, David Foulkes, Frederik van Eeden, Kilton Stewart, Visit Amazon's Charles T. Tart Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Charles T. Tart,

The research of the character of human realization, a dormant and infrequently taboo subject in psychology, is once more constructing right into a revered box of inquiry. this is often the 1st e-book to supply a large medical viewpoint for the research of quite a few designated states of cognizance.

The editor combines a humanistic technique, including an know-how of the nice power richness in human adventure indicated via ASCs, with the disciplined precision of a scientist. He brings a qualified viewpoint to the statement of the more and more common use and resultant results of drug, Yoga, self-hypnosis, and different technique of generating ASCs that are popularly considered as comprising both a tremendous social challenge or an indication of confident switch in a materialistic civilization.

Studies of ASCs produced via psychedlic medicines, for instance, are positioned during this publication inside of a extensive, illuminating standpoint that incorporates papers on mystical studies, hypnagogic (between waking and snoozing) states, dream realization, meditation, hypnosis, and mind wave feedback-produced states.

In this quantity, Professor Tart has introduced jointly 35 medical papers which illustrate the diversity of ASCs and their results, which describe many of the thoughts, either historical and sleek, for generating ASCs and, possibly most vital, which express that ASCs should be studied scientifically with out destroying their inherent human richness.

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500-513). * For example, for a short while after reading The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, one may be aware of the immense vista of a civilization's history as Gibbon recreated it. That experience can hardly be conveyed except through the medium of the book itself, and to that extent it is ineffable, and a minor version of James's widened consciousness. Suppose one then read War and Peace and acquired Tolstoy's perspective of historical events and their determination by chance factors. Again, this is an experience hard to express without returning to the novel.

A more elaborate experience is recorded by Julian of Norwich: In this [moment] suddenly 1 saw the red blood trickle down from under the garland hot and freshly and right plenteously And in the same shewing suddenly the Trinity fulfilled my heart most of joy. And so I understood it shall be in heaven without end to all that shall come there (Warrack, 1952, p. 8). Visions, feelings of "fire," "sweetness," "song," and joy are various accompaniments of this type of experience. The untrained-sensate and the trained-sensate states are phenomenologically indistinguishable, with the qualification that the trained mystics report experiences conforming more closely to the specific religious cosmology to which they are accustomed.

However, a careful examination of mystic phenomena indicates that there are at least several types of experiences, all of which are "indescribable" but each of which differs substantially in content and formal characteristics. Error and confusion result when these several states of consciousness are lumped together as "the mystic experience" on the basis of their common characteristic of ineffability. * Certain mystical reports that speak of being blissfully enfolded, comforted and bathed in the love of God are very suggestive of the prototypical "undifferentiated state," the union of infant and breast, emphasized by psychoanalytic explanations of mystical phenomena.

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