Almost Green: How I Built an Eco-Shed, Ditched My SUV, by James Glave

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By James Glave

One man's irreverent and hilarious chronicle of his formidable yet clumsy efforts to tread calmly at the planet.

In nearly eco-friendly, James Glave demonstrates that the adventure alongside the trail to a greener lifestyles isn't really constantly effortless yet is usually hilarious and regularly enlightening. Glave -- a author and stay-at-home dad -- describes his stories development a eco-friendly writing studio within the entrance backyard of his domestic on Bowen Island, British Columbia, a not-so-green paradise the place suvs nonetheless outnumber compost packing containers. whereas dealing with the numerous frustrations and small victories of this project, Glave additionally dabbles in grassroots local activism. He visits a very eco-friendly kin dwelling within the concrete jungle of the town and makes a decision he needs to divest himself of his hulking suv, so generously given to him by way of his partner's father, with no offending his benefactor.

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