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Alcoholism Sourcebook, Third Edition by Joyce Brennfleck Shannon

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By Joyce Brennfleck Shannon

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15 (c) 2011 Omnigraphics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Alcoholism Sourcebook, Third Edition s 2ATESOFBINGEANDHEAVYALCOHOLUSEDIDNOTCHANGESIGNIlCANTLY between 2007 and 2008 for full-time employed or unemployed adults. 2 million for heavy use). 8%). 8% in nonmetropolitan areas. 8%). 4% in large metropolitan areas. 16 (c) 2011 Omnigraphics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ) Recognition of diversity in alcohol-related problems is an important aspect of developing tailored and targeted intervention and prevention responses.

With this in mind, it’s important to know how alcohol can affect a woman’s health and safety. How much is too much? ), 60% of women have at least one drink a year. Among women who drink, 13% have more than seven drinks per week. S. S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Dietary Guidelines define moderate drinking as no more than one drink a day for women and no more than two drinks a day for men. The Dietary Guidelines point out that drinking more than one drink per day for women can increase the risk for motor vehicle crashes, other injuries, high blood pressure, stroke, violence, suicide, and certain types of cancer.

Therefore, a woman’s brain and other organs are exposed to more alcohol and to more of the toxic byproducts that result when the body breaks down and eliminates alcohol. Moderate Drinking: Benefits and Risks Benefits Heart disease: Once thought of as a threat mainly to men, heart disease also is the leading killer of women in the United States. Drinking moderately may lower the risk for coronary heart disease, mainly among women over age 55. However, there are other factors that reduce the risk of heart disease, including a healthy diet, exercise, not smoking, and keeping a healthy weight.

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