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Aircraft of the Royal Air Force since 1918 by Owen Thetford

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By Owen Thetford

First released in 1957, this revised version with new images and accelerated textual content additionally incorporates a a revised and augmented selection of three-view drawings. This ebook offers a finished consultant to each airplane ever utilized by the RAF because the institution in April 1918 to the current day, starting from the Snipe and Bristol Fighter of global conflict I and the Nineteen Twenties, to the twister and Eurofighter 2000 of contemporary occasions. All elements are coated, together with normal evolution, carrier heritage, the personalities concerned, allocation to squadrons, technical and function facts, serial quantity information and construction information. the key RAF airplane are supplemented through a long appendix overlaying all miscellaneous varieties, from the Airspeed Courier to the EH one zero one helicopter. The publication additionally encompasses different major matters, similar to civil plane inspired for wartime provider, RAF gliders, nuclear guns and missiles, Orders of conflict, and inventories of RAF airplane on energy at key dates in its historical past.

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