After Midnight (MIRA) by Diana Palmer

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By Diana Palmer

Fleeing to Seabrook Island to flee from her existence, Nicole Seymour reinvents herself as "Nikki" and falls for beautiful tourist Kane Lombard, who's her brother's maximum political adversary, and while he discovers her actual id, they need to choose from love and loyalty. unique.

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He'd had angry letters from any number of constituents about his voting record during the present session of Congress. He'd voted against most environmental issues, ever since he'd been sleeping with Bett. He'd hired that investigative reporter right off the local news show, and was using him to find flaws in other peoples' characters that he could use for leverage to accrue votes for issues he championed. And he was suddenly associating a lot with his ex-brother-in-law, Senator Mosby Torrance, an active anti conservation and pro-liberal advocate.

I'm a housekeeper," she said brightly, and smiled. He'd hoped she might have some secret skill that she hadn't shared with him. She seemed intelligent enough. But apparently she had no ambition past being her boyfriend's kept woman. That disappointed him. He liked ambitious, capable women. He was strong himself and he disliked women whom he could dominate too easily or overwhelm. "I see," he said quietly. He looked disappointed. Nikki didn't add anything to what she'd said. It was just as well that he lost interest in her before things got complicated, she told herself.

She didn't bother to answer the gibe. "You really should take lessons in how to do a place setting," she remarked, noting that he had the forks in the middle of the plate and the knives lumped together. " "Suit yourself," she told him. "Just don't blame me if you're never able to get a job as a busboy in one of the better hotels. " He chuckled faintly. She turned and began to put the food on the table. Afterward, she rearranged the place settings until they were as they should be. "Show-off," he accused.

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