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Adventures of Pip and Flinx 03, End Of The Matter by Alan Dean Foster

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By Alan Dean Foster

Followed by means of his trustworthy minidrag Pip and a so much not easy alien referred to as Abalamahalamatandra -- Ab for brief -- Flinx set out for Alaspin, the ruggedly primitive homeworld of his flying snake.There he was hoping to discover the enormous guy with the gold earring who by some means held the foremost to Flinx's mysterious previous and to the unusual powers he possessed. Chasing down his history used to be hassle adequate, yet Flinx did not be aware of what actual hassle was once till he discovered that the Qwarm -- a dangerous murderer squad -- have been 3 steps at the back of him with a freelance to kill.But the minidrag's homeworld didn't supply defense and Flinx had a negative time simply staying alive ... an issue advanced to no suggest measure by means of a collapsar already set on an unstoppable loss of life direction around the galaxy!

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Throwing aside his cloak to give himself maximum mobility, he turned, hunting for the source of the request. As if in response, a figure emerged from the fog around him. It approached on four legs, foothands and truhands all extended in a pose of insectoid placation. Vast compound eyes shone bright with reflected light from the street illuminators. Mormis took in the shiny, exfoliating chiton, the deep purple coloring. But neither the thranx's obvious age nor his conciliatory manner served to relax him.

A pointed vandyke and curledup mustache gave the slaver the appearance of a foppish raven with clipped wings. A very large star-ruby ring on the man's pinky was the only meretricious detail in the office. After greeting Flinx politely, the man escorted him to a lavishly brocaded chair. A proffered drink was declined. Flinx thought the fellow looked disappointed at the youth of his visitor, but he tried hard not to show it. After all, Dralar was home to spoiled children as well as spoiled adults.

Nor did he mention the Baron of the AAnn, Riidi WW, or Conda Challis, or that unfortunate merchant's mysterious off- spring, Mahnahmi-the girl with the angelic visage and wild talents. Most important, he left out any mention of his journey to Ulru-UJurr and his commitment to educate the innocent geniuses who were the UlriUjurrians themselves. Whether she could figure out that there was more to his tale, Flinx could not tell. With Mother Mastiff, one was never certain whether a lie had been believed or tolerated.

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