A Ticket to Ride: A Novel by Paula McLain

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By Paula McLain

"It used to be August. For years it used to be August . . . . there has been warmth like rainy gauze and a excessive, white sky and track coming from all over at once." within the lengthy, scorching Illinois summer season of 1973, insecure, motherless Jamie falls lower than the damaging spell of her older, extra worldly cousin Fawn, who is come to stick with Jamie and her uncle as penance for committing an "unmentionable act." it's a time of awakenings and corruptions, of tragedy and loss, as Jamie slowly discovers the level to which Fawn will use whatever and an individual to additional her personal ends—and acknowledges, possibly too past due, her personal complicity within the catastrophe that takes form round them.

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Was in trouble every time Raymond turned around. But what was he supposed to do? Just walk away? After all of the mistakes, the ridiculous choices, the self-destructiveness, it wasn’t easy to go on caring about Suzette, but sometimes love wasn’t easy, Raymond told himself. He told himself he had no choice. Being born into the same family meant they belonged to each other. No matter how messy things got or how it looked to other people, this was an indestructible fact. A TICKET TO RIDE 25 After Leon went to bed, Raymond waited for another half hour or so, but the phone stayed dead.

Eleven is late? In what century? ” “I know exactly how old you are,” he said. He lifted his John Deere cap to scratch lightly under the brim, releasing a curtain of silt from his bangs. ” He went off down the hall to shower then, leaving Fawn no audience but me for her sulking until dinner, when she turned up her nose at Raymond’s meat loaf. “This has a skin on it,” she said, prodding the gray-brown gelatinous mass with her fork tines. She shoved the plate to one side and ate, instead, two pieces of white bread spread thinly with French’s yellow mustard.

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