A Grammar of Savosavo by Claudia Wegener

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By Claudia Wegener

This is the 1st entire description of Savosavo, a non-Austronesian (Papuan) language spoken via nearly 2,500 audio system on Savo Island, Solomon Islands. in accordance with fundamental box facts recorded by way of the writer, it offers an summary of all degrees of grammar. moreover, a whole bankruptcy is devoted to nominalization of verbs by way of one specific suffix, which take place in a few structures starting from lexical to syntactic nominalization. The appendix presents glossed instance texts and a listing of lexemes.

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A Grammar of Savosavo

This is often the 1st complete description of Savosavo, a non-Austronesian (Papuan) language spoken by means of nearly 2,500 audio system on Savo Island, Solomon Islands. in keeping with fundamental box information recorded by means of the writer, it offers an summary of all degrees of grammar. additionally, an entire bankruptcy is devoted to nominalization of verbs by way of one specific suffix, which take place in a couple of buildings starting from lexical to syntactic nominalization.

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2. 2. Stem modifications The addition of suffixes starting with a vowel or cliticization of =e ‘EMPH’ triggers an obligatory stem modification with a small number of words, whereas the addition of prefixes only causes stem modifications in two of the three postpositions. and all other possessive pronouns that do not end in /ea/ BUT: sua ‘giant’ + -e ‘EMPH’ → suae totoa ‘sibling’ + -e ‘EMPH’ → totoae The last /a/ of these stems is omitted when =e is attached, although this does not normally happen to stems ending in /a/; if =e is added to the noun kukua ‘grandparent/child’ the resulting form is kukuae.

When the adjective gnari ‘small’ is reduplicated, the second consonant of the stem is omitted, and when the aktionsart of the transitive verb stem rajea- ‘to stroke someone or something’ is changed by reduplication to a durative or iterative reading the end of the stem changes: gnari ‘small’ + CV Redup → gnagnai ‘tiny’ rajea-12 ‘to stroke someone or something’ + CV Redup → raraji ‘to stroke’ Both gnari and gnagnai are commonly used in the community; but these kinds of stem modification are not found with other words.

107. Finally, the proprietive derivative marker lava shows stem modification marking number and gender. 2, p. 98. 15. Postpositions agree with their complement by means of a prefix. The citation form is the third person singular masculine throughout this grammar. Chapter 4 Word classes and phrase types This chapter provides an overview of the following word classes and phrase types that can be distinguished in Savosavo on morphological and syntactic grounds:16 – Verbs – transitive, intransitive, ambitransitive (Sec.

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